Triple-Decker Sandwich

Another delicious new post from us. We try our best to keep our blog updated from time to time :) thanks to our dear friend Monu who have been supporting us all the way! 

Love this Triple-Decker Sandwiches!...Known as the most expensive triple-Decker sandwich.

It's so delicious, healthy and a great meal...

Plus, it's was like a feast at our house. The dining table was filled with delicious triple-Decker anxiously waiting for their meal..
You don't have wait at cafe's or bakeries just to enjoy this healthy sandwich, but you yourself can prepare them at your own pantry! Yes! You heard me..

A triple decker sandwich may sound a bit excessive, but it doesn’t have to be bad for you. Pick a couple of complimentary pairs of ingredients and pop one set in each layer.


• 3 slices of freshly-cut bread
• Butter, at room temperature
• 1 slice of beef, bacon, 
• A small handful of romaine 
• 3 slice Cheddar cheese 
• 1 slice of chicken bologna 
• Freshly ground black pepper


• Lay your slices of bread on a chopping board and spread one side of each piece lightly with butter 
• Top one with the slice of bacon, then pile on the romaine and cheese
• Top with another slice of bread, butter-side down, and press down on it with your hands to compact it
• Lightly spread the other side of that slice with butter too 
• Add chicken bologna, cheese slice, and lay the slices on the buttered bread so they cover it. Add pepper. Sandwich the final slice of bread on top and press down with your hands to stick them together 
• Cut in half and serve on a plate.

Note: the ingredients above mend for 1 person. Please take note.  


  1. wow such anamazing sandwiches shall give it a try for sure.. thanks for mentioning me dear :) you are such a darling love u n bless you muwahs

    1. Aww monu! you have been there for me..thru time that im lost in blogging! thanks a lot :) and yes this one is so so delicious you going to love it!

  2. Healthy indeed! Lovely sandwich and beautiful :)

  3. Must be really yummyy!! beautiful clicks


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