Another recipe coming from a dear friend. I've to say I love her blog from time to time I keep checking on her blog to see what shall I try this time..This time I got Poori on my hand..

Refresh back my memory I've tried making poori before when I just got married...time goes by, I've lost the idea of making them. When Priya gave me the recipe recently I laughed at myself realized that it was the same method making Roti Canai or known as Paratha. My husband told me that I've passed with flying colours!!

He comes from the Paratha, Poori background so it means I did well on this one! I feel content after I know that it wasn't that tough preparing them :). I decided to make it often as how often I do my baking..

And I also found out it usually served during breakfast! So yes in Malaysia every meal is upside down..that's the best part of being a Malaysian..you can have them anytime and anywhere..

Recipe adapted by Priya


Whole wheat flour - 2 cups
Warm water (use skimmed milk for softer version) - 1 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Cooking Oil for deep frying


1) Add flour, salt and 1 tbsp oil in a bowl.
2) Gradually add water or milk to the flour and knead to make a soft dough.
3) Note that the dough should be harder than a normal dough, which we use for making roti/chappati.
4) Make a small ball of the dough and roll using a rolling pin. You can use dry flour to roll the dough smoothly.
5) Heat oil in a frying pan.
6) To check if the oil is warm, drop a small piece of dough into the oil. If it comes on top immediately, the oil is warm for frying.
7) Keep the flame on medium and slide the raw poori into the oil carefully. You have to keep regulating the flame to make sure the oil doesn't get too hot.
8) Press down lightly on the pooris as it fries to help it puff up.
9) Once pooris turns golden brown, put them in a strainer or a paper tissue to drain excess oil.

Tip: If you like crispy version of pooris, add little rava/Semolina while make dough.

And yes, your Poori is softer if you use milk..I cried of happiness while eating them!!


  1. Very well made shazzy very nice pooris <3

  2. Wow! Perfect pooris dear and so sweet of you to mention me dear. I'm glad you loved them and thank you for trying out my recipe :)


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