Jemput-Jemput/ Banana fritters

I'm trying to update my blog from time to time. As I'm away from home and I turn into a confinement lady for my sister hehe..cooks all the delicious food that she can eat. I will be here for 2 weeks because I can't leave my bond alone all by himself, I missed him badly..He only left yesterday and I already felt like a year! I have like 16 days to go before I met him again. 

I've tried to keep myself busy as I won't think much about bond. Some of you know that my little Abraham loves Bananas very much but the other my dad bought dry bananas and he doesn't even want to eat it, so I decided to turn them into these delicious jemput jemput also known as banana fritters. It's really easy to prepare and sure everyone would enjoy to have them during teatime.

Recipe :

7 pieces banana ( I like Dole) 
1/2 cup all purpose flour

Add them into the food processor and process them all together. Make sure the banana is fully mashes. And use a small spoon to scoop them into the frying pan. Cook until it turn slightly brown. 

Its really simple and nice to eat with the kids. Try avoid putting too much flour as the taste of banana will reduce. 


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