Nasi Lemak Pandan

Nasi Lemak Pandan is a fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, fenugreek, lemongrass, onion, ginger, pandan leaf. This delicious rice is a common meal in Malaysia. One of Malaysian favorite food. We usually have it during breakfast, however, because of the Nasi Lemak''s versatility in being able to be served in a variety of manners, it is now served and eaten any time of the day.

Nasi Lemak Pandan is served with anchovies, cucumber, boiled egg, peanuts and traditional hot spicy sauce (sambal).

Nasi Lemak is rich and creamy from the cooking process whereby rice is soaked in coconut cream and then the mixture steamed. You can also add fried chicken, sambal sotong (cuttlefish in chili), cockles, rendang daging ( beef stew in coconut milk).


3 cups uncooked rice
2 stalk lemongrass, smashed
2 pandan leaf, tied 
2 tbsp fenugreek seed
1 medium onion, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 inch ginger, chopped
2 cups of coconut milk
4 stalks of Pandan Leaves, blend to get the juice. 

Preparing the coconut rice:

Just like making steamed rice, rinse your rice and drain. Add the coconut milk, fenugreek, Pandan juice, lemongrass, onion, garlic, ginger a pinch of salt, and some water. Add the pandan leaves into the rice and cook your rice.

Dried anchovies sambal:

1 cup dried chilis (washed, rinse)
2 cloves of garlic
2 medium onions
1 teaspoon of belacan (prawn paste)
1 inch ginger
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 cup of dried anchovies (washed, rinsed) 
Tamarind pulp, small size 

Other ingredients:

Hard boiled egg

Blend all the ingredients above into a paste except the anchovies and tamarind pulp. Soak the tamarind in the water, squeeze the tamarind constantly to extract the flavor into the water. Drain the pulp and save the tamarind juice. Heat the wok on medium heat, add in oil and slowly add in the your chili paste to bring out the fragrance and keep on stirring so that the oil and paste blend together. Add the anchovies and stir well. Add in the tamarind juice, salt and sugar. Simmer until the sambal becomes thickened. Set aside.

Serve with cucumber, and hard boiled eggs. 


  1. Yessss!!! Any time of the day Shazzy. Sambal sangat sedap. Tak tahan tengok.

    1. Hahaha yes correct any time can have it! One day I can masak for you :-)

  2. it is looking very nice :) love coconut milk and the delicious ingredients you have used

    1. Thanks dear, you should try it. Its delicious

  3. Very nice combo of ingredients,looks delicious


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