Finger Food

  Recently, I bought this book. I find it very useful in every way, Annabel Karmel not only share delicious healthy recipes but she also share; which food  are appropriate for each stage of a child development, introducing more flavors and texture for young children, food allergies, infant nutrition, and weaning :) 

Abraham can be very picky at his choice of food, but since I bought this book. I no longer having to stress out what to prepare for him. As he loved all the food I've made for him recently. Seeing he eats more and enjoy his food is the happiest thing for me! relief! 

Finger Sandwiches Avocado spread with Cheddar 

9 - 12 months

Ingredients :

cheddar slice

1. make small shape for your little ones. You can use the cookie cutter to create the shapes. 2 slices of bread, spread the avocado and add small slice cheese. 

* you only need half of the avocado, put it in the blender to get a smooth spread. 


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