Professional Cooking

  Its very important to understand your meats thoroughly in order to cook them well and profitably..I'm very particular when buying my meats..knowing the quality grading, aging and also cooking and handling meats...

  I always love my meat medium rare; juicy and tender plus its easy to eat than well will take ages for me to finish can roast or some like to grilled it..

  Last night, I prepared grilled Lamb Shoulder and  Bruschetta for dinner..monthly, I'll do my menu planner which is easy for me to prepare my food for my family and get my groceries right. I don't like wasting time thinking what to cook..I prefer to plan ahead to make it easier for me to adjust my time and able to spend my time with my little prince..

   This book had taught me a lot in brushing my skills in this cooking world and of course my super mum!..I bought this book during in college when I took the course..knowing how to cook from young is an advantage;

Its nice to serve your meat with side dish..while waiting for your meat to cooked; you can have your appetizer :) but I prefer to eat my meat alone..hehe..My hubs requested bruschetta; its this favourite..

Oh, and I love it without any sauce..why? because the meat is juicy and its always best to eat by itself and enjoy the juice and tender in every bites!

Recipe :

Frozen Lamb Shoulder ( check the grading) 

there's not much of ingredients needed; you need to remain the meat flavor...just seasoned both side of the meat and grilled them to your liking..i love mind abit reddish..its juicy that way..when you grilled it some of the juicy and fat will come out..the juice and fat become yours sauce on top..its delicious..yumm



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