Baby & toddler

I planned to have extra space on my blog. Would love to share ideas and recipes for your baby & toddlers. My son he's 9 months old, he loves food very much but very picky. I was having hard time to prepare his food before as I followed exactly the book from the children clinic, most of it just porridge with spinach or chicken. Abraham never enjoy the meals.

As I surfing for his recipes, I found few sites that helps me to provide better nutrients and delicious food for him. Abraham he has a strong palate. He loves chicken, carrot and apple mixed together. He finds it extermely interesting flavors for him.
I'm going to share delicious recipes that fits perfectly for your little ones. They can enjoy food as we do but without sugar or salt.

I have been making; salmon suprise, chicken apple, alphabets pasta bolognese, avocado banana, peas lamb, tomatoes soup with bread stick, yoghurt kiwi, homemade strawberry jam, berries cereal, banana baked custard..etc..I'll share you all this delicious recipes.


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