Exploring Penang

Exploring Penang for two days; it was actually a lot to learn. I love to travel and been travelling with whole family ever since we have kids. Plus two weeks have been rough lately. My best friend ( husband) made the decision that I needed that trip on my own without him and kids. So, I can refresh myself all over again. Getting ideas etc...

I followed my sister, she travel for work. I travel to explore Penang alone. 

From the Penang Airport you can Uber/Grab to travel around. The moment we reached Penang..My sister took me to Bayan Lepas Market where you can have your breakfast. 

variety of food to choose. I tried the mee bandung..its was so so..its sweet don't like it much I'm sure you can get somewhere taste better but I love the Ang Tau Kah ( Red Bean Ice Blended) my first time actually having it but its super delicious! I was fascinated by the taste because never thought of such drink was existed! 

As i was looking through the internet for the recipe! I found out from another page where you can get this in Sg. Petani seems to be the best ones! Ang Tau Kah...but I still gotta try make this delicious drink! super filling and creamy! totally worth to try...  verdict is 5 stars!

Getting to the hotel is just 10 mins away. We arrived safe and sound. Click on the link given we stayed one night at  Olive Tree Hotel  better price!


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