Pregnancy is all about staying healthy and giving the best nutrients for the mothers and the baby, and not to forget my little Abraham also enjoy infused water. 
Berries are known as the healthiest food for its benefits. 

Raspberries and blueberries are known for it best anti- cancer and anti aging, also helps you to maintain your healthy weight. Both of these fruits are rich in insoluble fiber that provides a sense of fullness, which may prevent you from overeating. The carbohydrates in both fruits are slowly released. This prevents sudden increases and decreases in blood-sugar levels, which helps you control hunger and cravings. 

As for us being pregnancy berries contain folate, vitamin B that’s needed to make red blood cells and is important for the growth. 

You can buy this fresh berries at the nearest market around you. I usually get mine at Jaya grocer or cold storage. Making your own infused water is practically gives you a refreshing way to stay hydrated. 


I like to use a tall glass or tall bottles. Wash and rinse the berries. Make sure your berries are really fresh. Avoid bruises or rotten berries. Add the fruits into a bottle of cool water. Add honey if you like too. 

Let the water sit for a few hours to allow the flavors infuse. The longer it sit the more tasty the water will be. Berries will also release color into the water and put them straight into the fridge. 

Add ice cubes and pour a glass and enjoy it! You can add water but the flavor won't be as strong as the first infused water. Simple as that. 


  1. Loveable drink Shazz but I am still a true and true Malaysian. Still prefer local fruits.

    1. I love local fruit but not all local fruit can turn into infused water dear :)

  2. love this colourful infused water


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