Tortilla Sandwich

Tortilla sandwiches..we made that name up! and we surely didn't regret making these. Hey lovelies! yes we know that we hasn't been so active lately, we're pretty much busy settle down in our new condo and also busy with orders coming in non stop for Eid just around the corner..

Well, we didn't expect moving can be this tiring (haha) but well its does! packing and unpacking and baking and bla bla..its just way beyond tiring..anyway, we love our new place..less traffic, nice view, fresh air.

Anyway back to our tortilla more like Quesadilla actually..something much easier for our son to understand.  We loved can make your own ingredients. We got a lot of beef pepperoni, so we decided to throw some pepperoni in the Quesadilla. You can put; mushroom, jalapeno, veggies, cheese anything that you can think of.

Ingredients :

1 Bunch baby spinach 
2 cups shredded cheddar or Mozzarella
17 Slices of Beef pepperoni
1 package Tortillas

Method : 

Spread a little mayo and fresh tomato puree on your tortilla. 

Assemble the tortilla sandwich by placing the desired ingredients inside each tortilla. Start and end with cheese, which will help to seal it so it doesn't fall apart when you eat it.

Place them on baking sheet and bake them 170*c for at least 10 -15 minutes. You can serve with mayo wasabi or avocado. 

Needed a fix quick meal? this is actually the quickest meal we've can have as a snacks, friends coming over, lazy cook day..quick fix, budget this falls into that categories. 


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