Mixed Berries Jam

Homemade Jam its really easy to prepare! Plud its doestn't actually much of your time making it. This is my second time making it. I usually store bought all my jams but this time I planned to do it myself..since I'm a fulltime mom it shouldn't be an excuse for me nt able o do so..It doesn't mean I'm free at all time...

Anyway, only 2 ingredients you need ;-) & definitely a jar you keep your delicious jam.

2 cup mixed berries ( strawberries, blueberries & raspberries) washed 
1 tbsp of honey

* make sure you washed your berries first, then you put in the blender..just blend for 3 minutes.
*next add the berries into the pan and add in the honey. Simmer until it thick, if there is some fruits not fully mashed let it be. Just keep on stirring. To your liking..i like mine slight thick and some little of fruits.


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    1. Thanks..it does gave u an amazing colours..you shud try it

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    1. Its true..its superb!! You should also try this..its easy to prepare them..plus healthier this way than the store bought ;-)


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