Mutton Varuval

Finally I'm able to share this hit dish! One of my family favourite dish and I serve this dish during raya open house because everyone is having same meal in every open house. So usually in my house open house will be having briyani johor, chicken briyani gravy johorian style too. Because myself is Johorian. And this mutton varuval is always available during raya. 

I usually will asks the butcher to cut the meat to bite size for easier work. So, I don't have to come home and do all this extra work.

Mutton Varuval recipe:

1kg Mutton (preferably boneless) cut bite size.
2 big Onion, sliced
10 Dry Red Chillies
2 tbsp Ginger-Garlic paste
3 tbsp. Crushed Black Pepper
2 tbsp Cumin Powder
2 tsp Salt (adjust to taste)
1 1/2 cup Water
1/2 cup Oil


1. Clean the mutton throughly with tumeric to remove the excess smell (3 times). Drain water, set aside.

2.  Add the oil. Once the wok started to warm up add the sliced onions. Tear the red chilies and add them too. Add in curry leaves too.  2 or 3  spring of curry leaves.

3. Sauteed the onion until it brings out the fragrant and slightly brown. Add in the ginger and mix it well.

4. Add in the pepper, cumin and salt to the mutton and combine well.

5.  Add in the mutton into the wok and cook together and add the water. Cover the wok with a lid to let it cook for 10 minutes. To soften the meat.

6. Let it cook until the gravy thickens to an almost dry consistency. Serve with warm rice, raita and pair with papadom would be a perfect dish! walla..


  1. Mutton Varuval. Yes Shazzy. Please keep some for me please.


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