Quick Pizza

Alhamdulillah finally Ramadan is here again with us. May all of you have a blessed fasting month, I hope this year will purifies your souls for good ­čśŐ

Yesterday, I make this simple quick pizza for my little Abraham and for break fast appetizer. I didn't prepare my own dough instead my mum bought this flatbread from one of the Arab shop nearby our area. Abraham is not fasting and so I thought I might prepare a simple snacks for him.

This flatbread is really soft and crunchy once you toast them in the oven. Totally love it.

Recipe: Flatbread Pizza


2 piece of the flatbread 10 inch
4 tbsp butter
4 tbsp tomato puree
15 meatballs, slices
Shredded mozzarella cheese


1. Spread 2 tbsp of butter on top of each flatbread. Then, spread over the tomato puree and add the meatballs and cheese.

Add the cheese as much as you want. I like it cheesy but my son not so. So you can actually adjust all the ingredients up to your liking. Its really quick especially for kids; They will definitely enjoy it. 


  1. Clever invention Shaz. Indeed a quick fix meal.

  2. wow i love it :P pass me this quick piza

  3. Hi Shazzy, your quickie pizza look very tempting. Would love to have 2 pieces, please.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

    1. thanks amelia, would be great if we cud share it

  4. Hello Shazzy, selamat berpuasa. This coming to you from Canada. I am impressed with you making a pizza. Not many do. And it sure looks good too.
    For some reason or other cheese is not on my food list to eat thus not a fan of pizza...but will take if no cheese.
    Anyway, there's nothing more spectacular on this planet than that of a beautiful mother in the act of cooking for her loved ones. Pizza comes to mind here.

    You have a fun weekend and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
    Best regards,

    1. Dear Lee, thanks for the wonderful comment. I think every mother wud do the same thing. :)..sorry for the late reply. Its been a busy month.


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