Banana+Mango Wrap

Hi lovelies, this month I participate in the Back to school event held by Haffa Bexi. It's open for everyone and the best part you can send as many as you like! Come and join us in this fun, exciting event. 

I feel this would be a great lunch box for the kids. Plus on the other hand, it's easy to handle and eat it.
Last Sunday we went to the school, Jaya one. They have a flea market every Sunday. So well as I usually got over excited! Everything I want to try and buy them... Yup, that's me!

So I saw this mango puree from mangolicious. You can find them at Jaya one or check out their page. They will update you their location. I personally try before buying It. It tastes exactly how we usually made at home...yum just to perfection! And the best part it goes well with almost everything.

This banana+mango wrap is super easy! Supposedly I wanted to put it on toast but there is no bread left I got extra tortillas! I say why not we make a change right? Anyway, cooking is all about exploring! Okay, here is the recipe 

You will need:

4 tortilla
4 bananas (slices)
Mango puree (with chunk mango)


1. Spread light butter on the tortilla. Add the slices banana on top and put them into the oven for 10 minutes or until the banana is caramelized.
2. Remove from the oven, spread your mango puree to your liking (we put  more). And wrap them.
3. Slice the tortilla in two and its ready to be served.


  1. wow lovely wraps dear.. in fact these are so simple to make and a healthy snack :)

  2. Thanku Shazzy for linking this to my event :) But plz link it back at the end of the post :) Its compulsory.. thanx :) Back to School Lunch Ideas

  3. Ohh wow.. These wraps are soo delish.


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