Kacang Pol

long overdue post hehe...been wanting to share this but I just so tired or busy or just don't feel like blogging..
anyway its one of my favourite..its a long lists of favourite food...😜

Everytime I balik Johor, I mesti find Kacang pol..but recently I make it at home with hubby. All this while, I thought it was a hard dish to make lol...its was so so so easy..you can make ahead and freeze it and eat next day or next week...


Serve 4-6 pax

PASTE 2 Garlic - clove 2 Onion - whole 1/3 Ginger - inch blend all above into paste SPICE MIX 1 Cumin - Tbsp 1 Fennel - Tbsp 1 Coriander seeds - Tbsp 500g Lamb/Beef - minced meat 400g Fava Beans/Foul Medamas (mashed to preferred consistency) 400g Tomatoes - canned (diced/whole) 2 Tomato Puree - Tbsp 2 Tomato sauce - Tbsp 1 Tomato - Whole (freshly chopped) GARNISH Green Chillies - chopped Red Onions - diced Tomato - freshly diced and remove pits Egg - Fried add in Ghee/Butter


1. Heat oil/ghee in the pot, add in the paste & mince cook until browned. Add spice mix; stir through to make sure the mince not lumpy.

2. Add tomatoes, stir until the tomato is slightly soften. Add in pinch of salt, season to taste.

3. mash the foul beans then add the beans into the pot follow by the tomato puree and add canned tomatoes, stir it. Cover the pot and cook for 20 minutes.

4. Fry egg sunny side up. Once it cook, pour kacang pol in each bowl and topped with sunny side egg, garnish with onion, green chilis and tomatoes.


  1. Wholesome complete dish. Nice. Though I can't recall when was the last time I cooked Kacang Pol? Sedap.


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