Traveling to Johor with two kids

Johor where I was born and move to Kuala Lumpur as my parents received an offer here. We only come back to Johor when there's a wedding, family events. Because I never find johor fascinating at all. But eventually we stop coming to johor as most of my mum's siblings moved to Kuala Lumpur.

After I got married we plan for a road trip in 2015  right when Abraham turns 6months. Travelling across one state to another. I think we make 5 states. Yet that time we left early as we have no plans to go, except for the zone duty free mall.

Then recently we went to Marta fair in Kuala Lumpur. Where Abraham stumble upon Thomas Town in Nusajaya, Johor and yes of course we bought the ticket to fulfilled this love for Thomas and friends. For the whole week bugging us about Thomas, can't sleep, can't eat. 😅😅

Eventually on Sunday, we push to Johor at 2.30pm and arrive a roughly around 6.30..
We stayed at one of the airbnb's house in Seri Austin only for one night because the house wasn't fully equipped for a stay. Kids friendly yes but they have camera in the kitchen, dining area etc I feel like uncomfortable. Lol

Anyway we move to the different place next day. Which I will share about it in the next post. I love the place, warm; you feel welcome. You feel home. Owner is so friendly.


  1. Strange I have been to Johor many donkey years ago, not any recently. Its in the pipeline, also I have been hearing about airanb recently. Curious to check on their package as well.


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